International Day
for Biological Diversity

May 22, 2017

Photography Contest

Celebrate India's Biodiversity

Celebrate India's incredible biodiversity with your camera. Put your lens to good use and capture photographs that reveal our country's stunning landscapes. Results will be announced on May 22, 2017.


  • Changing Landscapes

    Photographs that reveal how a landscape has transformed due to natural or man-made intervention.

  • Urban Biodiversity

    Wildlife in and around cities: Photographs that depict how nature thrives in concrete jungles too.

  • Creative Renditions

    Nature photography as art: Frames that show imagination and perspective.


Kalyan Varma

Wildlife photographer & filmmaker

Dhritiman Mukherjee

Wildlife photographer

Bahar Dutt

Environmental journalist & Founder, The Mitti Project

Sejal Mehta

Editor-in-Chief, Nature inFocus

₹ 50,000/-

₹ 25,000/-

₹ 10,000/-

Centre for Biodiversity Policy & Law

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